Who We Are

10,000 Lakes Gaming is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation created to promote cooperation, community, and fun through public tabletop role-playing games. Formed in November 2016, our organization’s purpose is to promote hobby role-playing gaming events for the betterment of our community in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.

What are role-playing games?

Role-playing games (RPGs) are non-competitive group storytelling using dice (or some other mechanism) to introduce an element of randomness or surprise to the narrative. Popular examples of RPGs include Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons. As a recreational activity, these RPGs are inherently cooperative, improvisational and rules-driven. Participants create and portray a character who serves as a member of a team tasked with the goal (usually) of exploring, solving problems and overcoming challenges in a fantastical, imaginative world.

What does 10,000 Lakes Gaming do?

10,000 Lakes Gaming currently promotes public play of Pathfinder RPGs in game stores and at conventions. Games in public spaces maximize the social benefits of engaging in cooperative role-playing and makes this experience available to a larger and more diverse segment of the community.

By advancing role-playing gaming in our area, we are promoting empathy and cooperation in our community at large. Our primary fundraising activity, SkålCon, serves and reinforces this commitment to community betterment.

Find out more about our activities here.

Image Credit: Tony Andrea.