Our Activities

We support our mission with the activities listed here.


10,000 Lakes Gaming support SkålCon, an annual Pathfinder RPG convention. The majority of funds raised at this convention go to support local 501(c)(3) charities. Please see more information at skalcon.org.

Gaming Conventions

10,000 Lakes Gaming also promotes and supports other local gaming conventions that wish to run Pathfinder RPG games. This supports wider community involvement with hobby gaming. Conventions with Pathfinder RPG support include Con of the North, Anime Detour, CONvergence, and 2D Con.

Public Game Nights

10,000 Lakes Gaming encourages people to participate in Pathfinder RPG public game nights to meet the community. See the schedule of Pathfinder games in the Twin Cities area at the MSP Pathfinder Lodge meetup site.

Image Credit: Justin Mathews.